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The Minion

Next availability is Sunday, 6/9/24 at 12:00 noon Mountain Time.

This is a limited DROP (finished and ready to ship). 

These will show as “sold out” until drop time and again when they are gone   

TWO pieces PER ORDER / HOUSEHOLD allowed.

Additional orders cannot be combined.  In other words if this is purchased separately from another item, they will ship in two packages.  

I’ve been working on a belt loop key clip for a while now.  It wasn’t until I came up with the geometry of the middleman bottle opener / wrench that I was able to copy that design over to create a flow I liked with this piece.  So it is no coincidence that shortly after I machined & had a Middleman in my hand, this piece became a reality.  

As I write this description, I have had two different minions on two sets of keys for seven weeks now.  This little thing has been everything I wanted it to be!  I love it and I’m proud to be able to create these in my own shop.  

Middleman specs:


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