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Nice Guy Machine Co

Grasshopper Microblast finish

Grasshopper with Microblast finish.

Microblast is a micro peened surface similar to zirblast or glass bead blast but it is a finer media which gives a refined, silky, even finish.  The media itself costs 10X aluminum oxide by weight and I’m doing these by hand so they’re more expensive.  

 The last few pictures are for reference compared to the other finishes I’m currently offering!  


About the Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper is meticulously designed and crafted from 6al4v Titanium -one at a time-  by me in my shop in Colorado.  The Grasshopper includes custom 6al4v Ti hardware designed by me and machined in the USA. 

If you aren’t 100% certain about the ins & outs of this beauty, please join the Nice Guy Machine Co. Facebook group for more info.  

The Grasshopper Dimensions: 
2.5” long X .85” wide X .465 tall