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Nice Guy Machine Co

Grasshopper dark blast / stonewash finish

 This is the Grasshopper in the traditional NGMCo. Aluminum Oxide blast & ceramic stonewash finish.  

The last few pictures are for reference compared to the other finishes I’m currently offering!  

About the Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper is meticulously designed and crafted from 6al4v Titanium -one at a time-  by me in my shop in Colorado.  The Grasshopper includes custom 6al4v Ti hardware designed by me and machined in the USA. 

If you aren’t 100% certain about the ins & outs of this beauty, please join the Nice Guy Machine Co. Facebook group for more info.  

The Grasshopper Dimensions: 
2.5” long X .85” wide X .465 tall

When I make and release batches, these are $230