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CRK Pocket clip Blasted & Basket Tumbled

This year at Blade show I picked up my 10th CRK in my current rotation and probably my 50th ever. CRK, all things considered makes probably the most venerable folding knife out there. But there’s just one little issue that kept nibbling at me, and that is the bent pocket clip.  Well, I do like it. I just wanted something better for myself, and nobody else makes one that appeals to me.  

A few things about these:

  • ONE 6al4v machined pocket clip included with each order. I have 3 pictured to give the best possible view of the variation in finishes piece to piece.  
  • I am stretched pretty thin on these.  I spent waaaay too long in the R&D phase, making my profit margin nearly nothing for the first few hundred.  Because of this, these will be subject to a 20% restocking fee if returned for any reason.  I have never had a single item returned but I just wanted to make that clear.  
  • THE FINISH offered on THIS listing is the darker finish pictured, made to (reasonably) match CRK’s Aluminum Oxide Blasted finish.  The photos showing two finishes are just for comparisons sake. They are then “Basket Tumbled” to add some character.  They look like they do in the pictures… with a little wear on all corners & edges.  
  • They use the stock screw.
  • I designed them as my personal ideal pocket clip for my CRKs.
  • Just as the same stock clip works on all CRK knives except the Mnandi, so will these.
  • They have the same overall length as a stock clip & the pinch point falls in the same place.
  • same clearance between scale and clip as stock.
  • The pinch point features a very wide, obtuse angle to be as gentle as possible on pockets.
  • they are .050 nominal thickness in the springy area (thinnest area), so they flex more than most machined clips out there.
  • Despite the above, they are very resistant to the flexing off the scale & onto the lock bar that we see happening on Sm. Sebenza 31s.
  • Less bulk than most machined aftermarket clips out there, these sit only .010 higher off the scale than a stock clip.  I wanted them as low profile as possible.