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Nice Guy Machine Co

BNo1 Lanyard Bead - Ultem U1000


I’ve become a huge fan of the humble lanyard bead.  I’m a pretty minimal and down to business guy and I don’t like superfluous things dragging me down.  However, the EDC lanyard bead has won its place in my carry on several of the items that rotate in and out of my pockets throughout the week.  There are so many makers out there that produce these things it seems like a daunting task to create something new and different but at the same time not produce something that simply tries too hard to be different…

… But these came out of me instantly and organically.  I love them and I hope you do, too!  

Model:  NGMCo. BNo1

Material : Ultem Duratron U1000

Finish: Machined finish

Dimensions: .525 X .525 X .625”

Through hole dimension: .23”

Included in package: 

  • 1 BNo1 Lanyard Bead
  • 12” of 275# USA made cord
  • (to bead up your goods goods) 
  • NGMCo. vinyl “coin” sticker
  • Ziplock bag

When I make and release batches, these are $50