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Nice Guy Machine Co

BNo1 Lanyard Bead - Black Delrin


I created the BNo1 bead to sit apart from the rest.  It is minimal, yet complex.  It’s a bead that can go on a hike or to an opera.  It’s always at the ready but draws little attention.   The hidden knot feature really “ties” it all together!  

Now, Important Story Time!

The Black Delrin BNo1 has become my personally most carried bead.  Therefore, I feel compelled to spread the love. 

My predicament is that the BNo1 was my most popular item if 2022… and they are a machine time suck and are far less lucrative than my other items.  So I need to do something to make them make sense for me to make more often.     

In order to test the waters on making the volume I’d like to make available (and that being a LOT of machine time) they will currently only be offered along side titanium goods.  This offsets the packing & shipping time needed to ship beads which offsets my hands on time into making more beads available.  I’m also slimming down the packaging on these. 


There is no purchase limit on Black Delrin BNo1 beads.


Model:  NGMCo. BNo1

Material : Black Delrin

Finish: Machined finish

Dimensions: .525 X .525 X .625”

Through hole dimension: .23”

Included in package:

  • 1 BNo1 Lanyard Bead
  • 12” of 275# USA made cord
  • Ziplock bag
  • 1 NGMCo. vinyl 1” “coin” sticker

When I make and release batches, these are $45