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Nice Guy Machine Co

The Side Piece

The Side Piece is an every day carry prybar.  Essentially it is a culmination of everything I’ve been learning about CAD/CAM and machining combined with my experience of pressing an EDC prybar into the number one slot of my every day essential items over the years.

Considering design, use, fit/finish & materials - I believe it is the overall finest EDC item available today.

All parts are machined by me from 6al4v titanium in my shop in Colorado Springs, CO.  The custom (designed by me) fasteners are machined from 6al4v titanium by Tactile Turn @tactileturn in Dallas, TX.

When I make and release batches, these are $230



Body Material - 6al4v Titanium

Clip Material - 6al4v Titanium

Weight - 1.2 oz

Length - 4.825”

Width - .725” pry tip tapering to .55” at clip end

Thickness - .25”

Screw - 6al4v Titanium, T8 torx, 6-32 thread



Made and designed by one guy in his garage in Colorado to exacting specifications.

Escape/Evade non lethal edc

Wide pry tip

Fantastic scraper

Side bevel great for box opening

Cap lifter doubles as 1/4” wrench

Tapered handle voids serve as 1/4” & 5/16” wrenches as well as next size down metric dimensions.

The point where the bevels intersect serves as  a surprisingly good Phillips driver

Pill shaped clip interface allows the clip to be custom tensioned by removing it and mounting upside down to bend & adjust tension for your favorite pockets.  I machine them to have a .010 gap because that seems to be the sweet spot for my various pants pocket thickness.