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Nice Guy Machine Co


If you are ordering today, 11/7/22, these are Machine/Stonewash finish as seen in the first two shots!

PJB is an acronym for whatever you want it to be because it can be used for damn near whatever you could think of! And look sleek and sexy while using it for that thing.

All PJBs feature the NGMCo “block” logo deep machine engraved on the backside of the pry tip. 

I knew the second product NGMCo would offer would be an EDC pry bar even before I ordered my mill & before I ever put pencil to paper. 

I wanted a 5” pry bar as a traveling companion when my wife and I spent 10 days in Medellín, Colombia since the laws for knife carry are blurry at best and the last thing I wanted was a few nights in the clink in South America.  After that trip, a 5” EDC pry bar became my most used and carried EDC item.

This EDC tool is intended to be functional, minimal art and a straight up high quality & useful tool.  The center cutout serves as framing for the tool but also cuts weight while adding grip.


  • designed, machined, & handmade by Archie Ofenstein in Colorado, USA. 
  • perfect pry tip wedge (not too obtuse or too acute)
  • hand finished pry tip “edge” (definitely not sharp but definitely not blunt)
  • 6al4v Titanium construction
  • integral pocket clip
  • bottle cap lifter
  • cap lifter is a 1/4” wrench (hex or square) 
  • cap lifter and pocket clip kept to one side leaving the opposite with a clean, straight edge
  • triangular milled lanyard hole. (Mr. NiceBar is 100% intended to be carried with a lanyard bead or a large lanyard knot). Even if you’re *knot* a lanyard guy/gal… try it for a week.  
  • center slot serves as a shackle wrench
  • 10” of 275# USA made Atwood cord included.  

Dimensions: 5” long X 1/4” thick and the width tapers from 0.5” to 0.6” I carefully chose these dimensions after much use of previous pry bars.  It’s the sweetest sweet spot.

Intended uses include: E & E tool, non lethal self defense kubotan, a perfect scraper, poking, prying, opening things, a 1/4” wrench for hard to reach spots, and - last but not least - for the opening and destruction of tasty beverages.  It also makes a wonderful pocket worry stone.

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