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Nice Guy Machine Co

The Ladyfinger “Thumb”

Next availability is Sunday, 6/9/24 at 12:00 noon  Mountain Time.

This is a limited DROP (finished and ready to ship). 

These will show as “sold out” until drop time and again when they are gone   

TWO pieces PER ORDER / HOUSEHOLD allowed.

Additional orders cannot be combined.  In other words if this is purchased separately from another item, they will ship in two packages.  

The Ladyfinger “Thumb” edition.

In a nutshell, the Ladyfinger line includes pieces who’s distinct characteristic is a standalone piece sans complication such as a bottle opener  They are intended to be capable of escape & evade use while being useful in everyday life.

This bad girl is the same length as The Side Piece, an ultra usable, very pocketable 4.8”.  Thickness is 1/4”.  The tip is a broad 1” in width.  This is intended to be the most “blunt” go-anywhere EDC multitool from NGMCo, hence, “The Thumb.”  The rounded tip profile gives a more gentle appearance than other similar offerings. It is the beefiest tool I’ve made to date.  It is machined from the largest bars of Titanium of any of my pieces so far & takes the most machine time to create. 

As usual, these are 100% 6al4v Titanium, including the custom fastener.  

This batch is Aluminum Oxide Blasted & Stonewashed.

These will ship Friday!

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