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The GayBar


If you are ordering today, Monday, 06/13/2022 please read below!!!  

Today I am opening up a PREORDER for any of my prybars. THIS IS NOT A DROP, your order details are below!

The preorder will go live at 7:00 and end when 100 ORDERS are placed.  If I had to guess I would say this will last about 15 -30 minutes.

ONE OF EACH BAR / household (that’s 4 different bars max) OR TWO of one particular bar MAX / household.

NO LIMIT on BNo1 Lanyard Beads but they will also become unavailable when 100 orders are placed.

PLEASE DO NOT ONLY ORDER A BEAD.  Add as many beads as you like to your order but please do not order them separately!  You’ll take the place of someone who wants a bar and that sucks for everyone.  Please have a plan and try not to come back to place a second order.  It makes no difference to me but it will take some else’s place.  I hope that makes sense! 

The orders will be split into thirds by order number. 
The first order number on this preorder will be #1383, meaning the first third of the orders will be #1383 - #1416. This batch will ship on or by Monday, 6/20. 
Second wave includes order numbers #1417 - #1450   This batch will ship on or by 7/4.
The final third of orders will be any order placed today, Monday, 06/13/2022 with the order number #1451 or higher. These will ship on or by 7/18.
I will be monitoring orders as they are placed and I will try to make room for those who screw up and place a second order.. even though it's a no no I'm sure someone will order only beads or place a second order for beads.  haha 

*You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed.  You will receive a tracking number on the date your order ships.


The GayBar is NGMCo’s display of intolerance for hate.  …while having some fun at the same time.  

Modeled after the Mr. NiceBar, The GayBar is actually its own beast.  It is a “blast from the past” in that it utilizes the original machine programming of Mr. NiceBar with slightly more squared off edges being the most noticeable aspect.  The extra machine engraving on these makes them the most time consuming piece to produce.  Instead of raising the price to mirror the extra time I’ve just decided to make them limited.  Thus far there are about 50 total in existence.  

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