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Nice Guy Machine Co

Hitex Gear Naughty & Nice w/ Betty & Veronica


This batch is 6al4v Titanium, Dark Blasted & Stonewashed.  Mike fucking NAILED these.  These are machined (not lasered) with a .010 endmill!  Mike Bond is a super human I am blessed to call a friend.  

LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD!  Order more than one and both orders will be refunded.  

*** edit to add I was on a family dog walk during the drop and forgot that because these come in a box instead of a pouch, I needed to upgrade them to being shipped in a box. I had to add five dollars to the overall cost instead of being able to edit the shipping info from my phone. So in actuality these chips are $150 and the extra $5 is just to cover priority mail, flat rate shipping instead of my usual bubble mailers!  

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