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Nice Guy Machine Co

Fn+F Key

After a long journey of bringing these pieces from a sketch into a machined Titanium sculpture I'm calling these the NGMCo. “fn+F key” - or “function F key” if said out loud. 

I've been frequently asked, "what are these for?" My go-to answer is, “if you use your imagination it’s definitely not a schneef shovel” … because I’m a smart ass 😂  

This is a piece of titanium art, three dimensionally designed & sculpted by me in my shop in Colorado.  Second, it is not a schneef shovel.  Third, you could open both packages and dickheads with it. 

It’s a great scraper, poker, pryer, nail cleaner, bowl scraper & screwdriver.  In other words it serves “fn+F.” Also… I’ll be damned if I know a single use for those “keys” on my keyboard but I’m sure they’re hella useful tools… and a game changer when something “clicks” and they’re pressed neatly into action… and while waiting by your side to perform these tasks your fn+F key will be looking sexy AF with the rest of your baller EDC. 😁


Specs of the fn+F Key:

Material: 6al4v Titanium

AO blasted/Tumbled & heat anodized 

Width at handle: .9”

Thickness: .25”

Overall length: 2.5”

Pry tip: .45 wide X .5” long

Stem cross section: .25” X .25”

When I make and release batches, these are $130